Try our reverse auction system!

If you like what you see you can have it for FREE and we’ll adapt it for your specific trading requirements.

Whether you’re trading, Corn, Sugar, Wheat, Cocoa, Cotton, Wood, Flowers or Livestock, our reverse auction system can be easily adapted to your specific requirements.

Our reverse auction starts with a high price then drops quickly, the first to bid is the winner. It’s that simple.

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To get the full experience, enter your email address so you can recieve notifications about the lots purchased in the demo auction.


Sellers set up their lots with with a buy now and reserve price along with all the nessasary details.


Buyers can view lots, purchase using the buy now price or wait for the auction to start in the hope of getting a bargain.

Efficiency +

Reverse auctions are the fastest way to sell bulk goods online. Gets you through more auctions in less time.